Stone processing

I n addition to import and sale of multi-colour and wonderful natural stones, “Marble World” with your choice and taste carries out processing of different stones with special processing technology and equipments, as a result of which different sizes and types of window, stairs, banisters are made from natural stones, tables, stands and another and external tiles.

Recently the company acquired stone processing “Votrjet” modern equipment, with the help of which incredible images, stylish and gentle patterns and letters are made from natural stones.

Internal and external construction

M arble World offers any construction materials to start the building construction from basis, including:

* Fittings, welding electrodes

* Accelerator, designed for mixed concrete submitting

* Galvanized iron and steel sheets

* Interior and exterior decorative building stones, varnishes

* Metal – plastic and metal pipes

* Mixed concrete, ceramic and metal tiles, fireproof bricks

* Water heaters

* Mixed concrete and wood particle slabs

* Ceramic tiles and sanitary ware

Interior design and furnishing

I n Marble World various items made of natural stones, marble, onyx, granite and travertine, including:

* Statues

* Fireplaces and fireplace accessories

* Fountains

* Columns and pedestals of different styles

* Vases

A wide range of souvenirs

H ere you can find rock-hewn souvenirs of various size and forms: horses, eagles, dogs, clocks, fruit vases, fruits, candlesticks, bouquets, snails various other things, even hats, musical violins and duduks.

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